Your dream space

PHYLM STUDIOS is your dream space for shooting any kind of project. Located at the heart of downtown LA, 5 mins from staples centre. Connected to fwy 110 and fwy 10. 

11,000 ft² of OPEN WAREHOUSE SPACE for:

Photoshoot, Film shoot, Car Commercial, Music video, Set build, Pop-Up Event, Art shows, Events, Meetings, Corporate Events, Workshops, Fitness Class, Screening.



  • Stage A:       

3-Side CYC white wall: 1500 SF stage with 48'x26'x14' 

3-Side CYC green screen: 1000 SF stage with 36'x20'x14'

  • Stage B:          

4000 SF warehouse stage with 59' wide red brick wall 

  • Stage C: 

2500 SF warehouse stage ( can use for indoor parking lot )

Open Space (No Pillars)

Light Grid at 12'

DIT / Edit Bay

Crafty Table

Chill Room


3 private restrooms

Private Makeup/Dressing Room

2 Secure Parking Lots ( 1 open space for any size trucks or 10 cars, 1 indoor space for 10 cars)

1 Loading Bay

Drive-on-in Capability

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347-749-5574 / 408-901-9045 (24/7, text is welcome)

2230 S Main St,
Los Angeles, CA, 90007

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